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An Unexplained Wealth Order is a government-issued document ordering you to provide information and documentation showing how you obtained property and assets.

You may be issued with an Unexplained Wealth Order (UWO) if you hold property that is worth £50,000 or more and there is a reasonable suspicion that your legally obtained income could not have covered the cost of your property.

If you or your business has been served with a UWO, there are necessary steps you must take upon receiving it. You must act as quickly as possible in order to avoid your assets being frozen or seized.

If you’ve been served with an Unexplained Wealth Order and you want to comply with the conditions, Corporate Clinic can help you through the necessary steps. In order to avoid getting in trouble with the law, you need to be able to prove where your assets came from by creating a statement covering the following:

  • Your interest in the property mentioned in the UWO
  • Highlighting any trustees who also have interest in the property
  • How you paid for and obtained this property
  • Any additional information concerning the property that was set out in the UWO

After an initial informal consultation with one of our professional team members, we can begin to put together a strategy for dealing with the UWO in the most efficient, and least damaging way possible.

You can trust that all information shared with Corporate Clinic regarding your business and assets will be kept strictly confidential. We provide expert business advice and guidance without judgement when you need it most. Get in touch today and see how we can help you and your company.

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