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A statutory demand is a formal request for debts to be paid from your creditor. If a creditor has issued you with a Statutory Demand, or a document saying they have attempted to send one, this means that they intend to take legal action, and potentially will try and make you bankrupt, in order to recover the debt if it is left unpaid.

Statutory Demands are usually delivered to you in person, rather than simply through the post.

On no account must you ignore a statutory demand: as soon as you receive it, you need to act to avoid losing your business and getting into more financial difficulties.

Receiving a Statutory Demand can be worrying, and many find contacting creditors an intimidating business. We can help alleviate some of this stress by communicating on your behalf to creditors. We can make an agreement to pay off your debts in a settlement amount: we will aim to agree on a significant reduction in order to help your financial situation. Alternatively, we can arrange a payment plan for you to pay off the debt in installments.

We can also assess your situation and challenge the Statutory Demand if we think that it has been wrongly issued (in the case of debts below £5000, if your business is currently disputing the debt, or if the debt itself is exempt from statute action).

Receiving a Statutory Demand isn’t the end of the world for your business, but it does mean that you should act fast. Get professional assistance for dealing with all your corporate finance issues by contacting Corporate Clinic today for an informal consultation.

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