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Being in debt is one thing but experiencing financial difficulties because you are owed money yourself is another. If you are struggling to recover money from a customer or other debtor, it might be time to get third party assistance.

Debt recovery through the legal system should usually be regarded as a last resort. Unless you’re owed a lot money, it might be cheaper to avoid the costs of court and write off the debt. Alternatively, you can use the debt recovery service from Corporate Clinic: a leading unlicensed business advisory service. We help get to the route of the issue and take action quickly – without having to involve expensive lawyers.

In some cases of debt, it is best to come to an agreement through mediation. We will help with this process, and act on behalf of your business to make sure we get the best deal for you. As well as providing debt recovery services, we also offer business advice for how to improve your cash flow and protect your business in the future.

We offer expert debt recovery services, and we will do a lot of the legwork required to recover your debt. Once we have had a confidential conversation and given your business an overview, we will draw up a plan for how to recover your debt with the minimum disruption to your business. We will then immediately contact your debtors in order to reach an arrangement.

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