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At Corporate Clinic, we know that running a business can be rewarding and stressful in equal measure. If you’re experiencing business and financial difficulties and you’re not sure where to turn to, it might be time to seek professional advice.

A Confidential, Bespoke Service

For professional business advice, and support when you need it.

Professional Financial Guidance

Every business begins with optimism and good intentions.

Bankruptcy Annulments

Have you recently been made bankrupt? If so, we may be able to annul the bankruptcy. Annulment cancels the bankruptcy.

Business Disputes

It’s never ideal when your business becomes involved in a dispute, but it is often a necessary part of learning.

Company Restructure

If you’re going through some money-related difficulties in your business, and debts are getting out of control.

Corporate Insolvency

Feeling weighed down by business debt and not sure where to turn? Corporate insolvency may be your best option.

Debt Management Plans

If you’re running into debt and struggling to keep your head above water, day-to-day life can become overwhelming.

Debt Recovery

Being in debt is one thing but experiencing financial difficulties because you’re owed money yourself is another.

Director Protection

Being the director or owner of a company can be challenging at the best of times; and downright stressful at the worst.

HMRC Disputes

Managing your taxes can be one of the most complex, time-consuming, and stressful sides of business. If you’re dealing.

Personal Guarantees

If you’re a business owner dealing with insolvency, things can become even more worrying if your private wealth is also

Let us help

We help and support business owners to overcome their business issues. We are an alternative to solicitors, insolvency practitioners and accountants.

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Business Support Services


A successful business relies on a watertight accounts system, and while you may be a great business owner or director, you might not have the bookkeeping skills, or the time, to do the accounts yourself.

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A business’ utilities are an often-overlooked expense, but they can really add up over time. Whether you’re renting a small shop, or you’re a large business who own their own office premises, saving money on your utilities could be one of the best decisions you make for the future of the company.

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Greener Businesses

Creating a green business plan for your company is not only a great way to give back to the world by minimising your environmental impact, but it is also a great way to save you money. Marketing yourself as a greener business will also make you seem more trustworthy.

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Telecommunications is an essential part of even the most modern, digitised business. It allows direct, instant communication between businesses and clients in real time. This is essential for building customer rapport and improving your brand image.

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Insurance Services

Insurance is an essential part of protecting you and your company from future financial losses, and there are a number of different types of insurance available to you, depending on the type of business you’re running.

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Merchant Services

These days, the vast majority of businesses will use merchant services to receive electronic payments – whether from credit and debit cards, or online payment gateways such as Paypal and Sage Pay.

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Financial Services

At Corporate Clinic, we offer a host of financial services that can help make your business a success and rescue you from financial difficulties should they arise. Whatever type of finance assistance you need, we can provide it, be it a mortgage, remortgage, commercial finance; we can help.

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